Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I am the Master!

It is official. I now have a Master of Science degree from The Ohio State University. Starting in Fall 2003 in University of Akron and culminating at OSU in Spring 2007, it has been a fun ride learning and re-learning things. Although this degree is just a checkpoint to getting my Ph.D, it sure feels great to be at the school commencement, wear the black robe and hood, march into Ohio Stadium, get your degree conferred from the Provost and the President, have a diploma handed to yourself from your college dean and then rush out to meet your parents and friends and show them what you earned.

The commencement speaker Bill Clinton, democratic ex-president, spoke really well and talked about "interdependence" as the new mantra for living in today's world. That guy is good. Maybe I am just comparing him to Georgie Bush.....nahhhh, Bill's great.

Here's some pictures. And here's a link to other pictures taken that day .