Wednesday, August 01, 2007

India beats England!

Something that has happened only 5 times in the past 75 years, a test victory in England deserves a special mention. A great performance by the team - Zaheer and the openers specially. Tendulkar got it going too, the nasty hit on the helmet notwithstanding. A moment to enjoy - and hope for a series victory.

Here's my grab of the videos - Tendulkar being hit on the grill of the helmet - ouch!

See how his head jerks after being hit by the 90 mph ball!

Ganguly putting a finger in his ears after having being out wrongly.

Tendulkar was moping for a long time after his dismissal, rightly so.

Time for Vaughan to take a break and do some thinking.

Zaheer don't like no candy - no Sir.