Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The PM Rocks

A link to the speech of India's PM Manmohan Singh in response to the No-Confidence Motion in the Parliament. Wonderfully crafted, witty and pointed, touching and visionary - too bad he did not read out his statement, he submitted this copy to Speaker as the opposition was creating too much noise and disrupted all activities.

The link.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Latest Favorite Genre...

Dont ask me why....

tuhmare bina koi bhi ab khaaas naa raha
tumhare siva kisi aur ke liye koi ehsaas naa raha

pyaar to bahut mila par kisi ki aaass naa rahi
bhar gaya ho dil jaise aur kisi ki pyaas naa rahi

Humne Dekhe duniya ke fasane kucch aise
dil to dhadkahta raha par saans naa rahi

(Source: Mandy and Pulkit. I can't write this good, but can sure appreciate it)

This is more my style (source: Chahat):
Haqeeqat samjho ya fasana,
Apna samjho ya begana,
Suno dil ka afsana,
Ki garmi bahut hai,
Din mein teen baar nahana....hehehe
How 'bot this one:
Tum aa gaye ho,
Noor aa gaya hai
Chalo teeno movie chalen....
One more:
zamane ne jeene na diya
apno ne rone na diya
thak kar jab neend aayi toh
macharo ne soone na diya....
One final:
Dhoka mila jab pyar main
Zindagi main udasi cha gai,
Socha tha chod denge is zindagi ko par
Aaj mohalle main dusri aa gai…

Monday, July 07, 2008

Carry on Camping

Here's the pictures from our camping trip. My favorite's the one with Kavita's feet. Pranav needs to tell us why he took that picture - it makes for an interesting story. Click the picture below to get to the album. Enjoy!

Camping at Leonard State Harrison Park, PA - July 4, 2008