Friday, November 10, 2006

Ekta Mein Shakti

This is the first time I am seeing this in color. Yeah, thats right. I believe I was 5 when this cartoon/clip/animated movie used to play on the good old Doordarshan just before the evening news at 8:30. My sister and I remembered the words by heart, used to sing along, maybe even act it out. I surprisingly still remember most of the words and the act.

Sheer brilliance on the part of the producers for using children and comics and innocence to teach a very important fact of life, especially true in a multi-cultural place like India - Unity in Diversity (Ekta Mein Shakti). I'm gonna dig up some more clips from that era and put'em here. Ahh....those wonderful days.

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Tina said...

Hey good work!great video...a good trip down the memory lane. The best is the girl swaying her head with her plat. I wonder how well its encrypted in our minds. Would love to see more of these.
Cliche' but Old is Gold.