Sunday, November 12, 2006

Election Thoughts

I already miss them. No, not the hollow speeches by them politicians, but all the negative political ads on TV. Sherrod Brown let us down (he won Ohio though), We'll not be shammed by Bob Shamansky, Pryce - Part of the Problem,Mike DeWine stop whining, and so on. I had a chance to be at a meeting where Deborah Pryce (R-house) and then Governor Bob Taft were speaking. I was not impressed by their oratory skills - I feel Jim Tressel and Troy Smith are much better. I'm not trying to make a political statement here, but looking at the negative ads on winner Sherrod Brown below makes me think - if this guy won, how bad must've been the one who lost!

Anyhow, my friend Jared sitting next to me simply said "Taft is corrupt". Now wait a minute. I've heard that one before on the street. So, is it true that most people know that and even then this dude is the Governor? And there's nothing that can be done about this in the most democratic and free country of the world? You can get away with things like that in Brazil, East Europe and Asia - but USA? And more so, Ohio? I can only hope Jared is wrong.

Here's how the election really affects people in the Midwest. The folks at MZone have simply nailed it.

Go Bucks!

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