Saturday, November 18, 2006

One More To Go!

12-0 we are. 13-0 we want to be. Ohio State beat Michigan in a tough battle tonight 42-39 and entered the BCS Title Game. Props to Michigan for such a close and thrilling game. This one is for the ages. OSU piled on 503 yards on the #1 Defense in the nation, and Michigan put on 39 points on the #1 Scoring Defense in the nation. Tressel goes 5-1 on Carr - on track for a 10-2 record, exactly opposite to Cooper.

Highlights courtesy ESPN. Download here.

My 5 cents on the experience tonight:

1. Troy Smith is a great orator - yes you got that right. He is a great QB for sure, but listening to him talk in the post-game conference shows that he has a sound head on his shoulders. And the team (and the fans) love him. "I was downstairs [in the locker room] with my teammates and the overall feeling is unparalleled," said Troy. "You wouldn't be able to understand it unless you ran the gasses that we ran, ran the hills that we've ran, pushed the sleds that we've pushed. When that heat and that sun is beating down your back in the summer ... I love every single one of my teammates with the deepest passion you can probably have for another person."

2. The field turf was a problem. There were many players slipping all over the place. Although its same for both teams, it seemed as if Michigan was affected more times than us. You might see that as an excuse coming from the losing team.

3. Beanie Wells will win the Heisman in 2009.

I'm putting together some photos of the game obtained from various websites.

The Buckeyes are truly number 1. See you all in Glendale. Go Bucks!

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